Freightmove Is Australia's Most Modern and Supreme Transport Marketplace

With Freightmove's successful online marketplace skills, moving loads across Australia has never been more stress-free for freights and shippers.

Our objective is to confirm all freights across Australia have entrance and the chance to provide their delivery services to those considering shipping their small or large freight from point A to B through an up-to-date platform constructed to handle several adequate transportation and direct transportation connections between shippers and freights.

  • Create your logistic business: With Freightmove, you can shape and nurture your logistics and freight business and take it to new heights.
  • Easy transportation of your load: Freightmove’s effective and fast digital marketplace enables shippers to list a load within minutes.
  • Administer your loads online: From Freightmove, our freights can easily manage your loads from one user-friendly dashboard.

Freightmove’s Word of Honour

Freightmove delivers a vast range of features, providing our customers with the following:

  • Adelaide to Melbourne.
  • Assurance that no package is too small or big.
  • Wide range of carriers options.
  • Opportunity to directly deal with carrier/supplier.
  • Wide coverage across Australia.
  • Live dashboard.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • Certified Carriers.
  • Prompt email notifications.
  • Secure online payment options.
  • State-of-the-art marketplace.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are some questions still bothering you? Don’t you worry as we have got your back!

What is Freightmove?

Why are the shipping rates so volatile?

As in every marketplace, the keen demand and the existing supply of a commodity decides the rates. Every action within the supply chain system has a subsequent impact. Shortage of container ships result in higher ignored demands and hence amplified costs.

What are the methods of payment?

It is entirely free for shippers to list a load with Freightmove.

Our trusted carriers are charged a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment fee which you can find here.

Transport Routes

One of the primary modes of freight transport in Australia is road transport, with a vast network of highways and roads connecting major cities and regional areas.

  • Adelaide to Melbourne
  • Adelaide to Sydney
  • Brisbane to Melbourne
  • Brisbane to Sydney
  • Melbourne to Adelaide
  • Melbourne to Brisbane
  • Melbourne to Perth
  • Melbourne to Sydney
  • Perth to Melbourne
  • Perth to Sydney
  • Sydney to Adelaide
  • Sydney to Brisbane
  • Sydney to Melbourne
  • Sydney to Perth

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