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Frequently Asked Questions

Are some questions still bothering you? Don’t you worry as we have got your back!

Freightmove is Australia’s state-of-the-art and supreme Freight Movement, Transport and Logistics Marketplace Freightmove makes it easy for Shippers and Movers to connect and achieve deliveries across the country.

Freightmove was established because of the over whelming need for a carrier marketplace that works smoothly for its users. As an online marketplace, Freightmove offers an effective digital announcement board for businesses and individuals to book and quote the service of freight activities, conveyance, and logistics.

From a small assortment to full loads, if it necessities moving, Freightmove can connect your load to anadept carrier.

Our online platform makes tender out loads and quotes within minutes. Freightmove is here to support carriers in helping them advance and grow their business and for shippers to give them entrance to the most well-organized and cost-effective delivery services for their loads globally.

If you're considering your next load transfer, trust Freightmove!

As in every marketplace, the keen demand and the existing supply of a commodity decides the rates. Every action within the supply chain system has a subsequent impact. Shortage of container ships result in higher ignored demands and hence amplified costs.

It is entirely free for shippers to list a load with Freightmove.

Our trusted carriers are charged a monthly, quarterly or yearly payment fee which you can find here.